Fall, From Above

Fall, From Above
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Guess I'm just a holiday blogger. I would really love to post some of my latest favorite shots, but between running after Miss Clara who is turning 1 year old this week, and keeping up with the business, the day just goes by way too fast!

This morning on The View they had some great environmental companies to look at if you are trying to "Go Green" with your purchases, house remodels, etc. My favorite was the organic soft cotten sheets at http://www.target.com/ , natural baby products at http://www.californiababy.com/ and the bamboo flooring that can replace linoleum (since bamboo is a renewable resource growing a few inches a day). You can find toxic free flooring at http://www.calibamboo.com/bambooflooring . (So those are my name drops for today.) As far as "Going Green" is concerned I'm really glad that my parents have taught my brother and I how to recycle/reuse/and go nature all before it was popular. Our Oscarson family tree farm has been turning the dead timber into products for over 30 years! You can check out some our latest wood designs all locally created by my parents at http://www.autumnsloft.com/ . Back to photography...

Another interesting product that is coming out next month that I'm really excited about is Canon's new 48x zoom FS11 Flash Memory Camcorder that uses internal hard drive storage AND flash cards (similar to what you might use for your digital camera). Retail is $599 + and more with having to purchase the accompanying storage cards plus accessories. But the optical zoom on this is amazing and has just one the 2008 Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award. Downer is it records in standard definition rather than HD (which we are being told that "everyone" must switch over before Feb. 2009 which seems to me like a force to get us consumers to add to the economy and spend money in technology upgrading our TVs etc.) If HD really matters then the next best product I'm looking at is the Canon HDD (Hard Disk Drive) HG10 High Definition Camcorder which has internal storage and no need for carrying around cards or tapes. If you don't mind recording to mini tapes then look at the HV20. Anyway back to the day of the Irish...

If you live at Priest Lake, then tonight you might enjoy my main man's favorite corn beef and cabbage 6:30pm dinner at the Nickleplate in Nordman. A good day to you all and wear green TODAY but try to GO GREEN EVERYDAY. :)


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Leap Year!

Yesterday was like an extra day! Not really. I still don't understand how some years there is February 29th and other years there isn't. Does anyone out there know?

Well, the snow is finally melting and ground is beginning to appear on driveways and some county roads. The old white Bishop's Marina that marked the south end of the lake has now disappeared. If anyone clicked on the Coolin Bay web cam from the Leonard Paul store you could watch it in real time. It's absence follows the removal of the old barn in the field on Hwy 57, that was torn down last year. Many of us watched as the years went by using it as a landmark, signaling the halfway point to the lake. At least you can still see the remnants of it (wood ladder and boards) at the new lodge style Priest Lake Realty on Hwy 57, in Priest Lake. Terrene Mack and her husband, Dan, used many of the character boards to enhance the interior of their new office just past mile marker 28.

It is sad to see these old relics go. But most melancholy of all, is my grandpa's old "Lilac Homestead" that finally crashed to the ground from the weight of the snow this winter. Over the years I've photographed the many seasonal phases of the old barn-looking homestead. It has been one of my best sellers at Autumn's Loft, as a postcard and a 4x6 blank photo card. Like a passing era, it has evoked an emotion in some of us... a lingering sweet smell that we don't want to let go.

I'm so glad to have this photo in remembrance of summer days gone by... my grandpa and all the hard work spent caring for the surrounding Forest land... the horses that grazed behind the homestead as our 4th of July fireworks began to light up the fading sky... the potluck of potato salads, BBQ hot dogs, beans, chips and cold pops. We'll never see the lilacs the same again.