Fall, From Above

Fall, From Above
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Plant is Safe

A squirrel has made it's winter den in my garden barrel! After returning from a weekend of great photography at the Pendelton Roundup's 100th Anniversary... I have come home to find my roses and hydrangea bushes nibbled to bits by deer, and the squirrel that had been hanging out on our new patio furniture has now dug it's way into a lettuce planter barrel. I saw his hole the other day and the fresh dirt flung on our patio cement... looking closer the packed dirt was heaving slightly up and down... he must be sleeping under there! Is it hibernation time already? Has it ever been hibernation time on my front door? I guess it is now.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Bear is Back!

This past month we've had a visiting black bear in our yard. The first time he ransacked my beautiful birdfeeders, even tearing apart a dragonfly solarlight that held up my roses, as well as the blooms! Obviously he is missing his usual huckleberry delights that normally grace the edge of our yard. Not this year though! Sadly I've only found them at the top of Sundance Mountain on Labor Day: the low, bright red bush of sweet, dark redish-purplish huckleberry. (Note: I also was able to capture amazing light on three dumbfounded grouse at the peak of the mountain.) Anyway... the bear is back as of two nights ago. This time all four of the birdfeeders that I had repaired are now trashed. Even the ones we received as wedding gifts this last May. Not only that, but it's funny that I haven't even seen him yet or been able to photograph him. He stealthily shows up in the night, leaving a huge pile of you-know-what on the grass just outside our door! Abby, our little blue heeler sleeps through it all! Or pretends anyway. Late last night on my way back home from Coolin, I thought I might suprise him. Instead, I almost ran over a small coyote at the 23 mile marker... eyes shining at me, so glad he missed my tire, I mean I'm glad I missed his tail.