Fall, From Above

Fall, From Above
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall is on its way!

Definitely smells like fall this afternoon... crisp air, still sunny, but a difference in the temperature. It was 61 on my way to work yesterday! This morning a fast moving squirrel was collecting pinecones from a tree off our deck. Very interesting to watch. He must feel the urge to scavange and store up for winter. Also this morning found large bear droppings IN OUR GRASS! First time that has happened...very scary. He's been off and on the last two weeks. I still haven't seen him. The neighbor boys say it is a black bear. He trashed all my birdfeeders that we received for our wedding... and did it while we were away camping on Kalispell Island. Of course the wildlife know just when to show up! Yesterday at 4pm saw one large 3 point buck, very nice and healthy looking crossing right in front of me on Hwy 57 by the Tamarak. He gently took his time, not caring that I had to stop my vehicle in the road! Wish I would've had my camera! I usually do, but of course I see all the worthy subjects when I'm not prepared!

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